Oct 24, 2010

My favorite startup and tech blogs

I have been following some blogs for the last few years quite diligently and have come to learn a ton about building startups, particularly in the Internet space. These blogs have informed, educated and inspired me in many ways. They cover a broad range of topics and I love the fact that there is so much to learn from their experiences. One of the things it has inspired me to do is share personal opinions on topics that appeal to me instead of just cursory coverage of information/news which is available plentiful on the web. Given that I have learned a lot from these, I decided to dedicate this blog post to the bloggers I have come to appreciate over time. Here we go in no particular order.

AVC by Fred Wilson: One of the most prolific startup bloggers and a rock star in my opinion. His VC firm, Union Square Ventures, has spotted gold with many startups including Foursquare, Twitter, Etsy among others. The insights that I learn each day from Fred are just brilliant and he’s my favorite blogger. This is a must-read blog for anyone in the Internet/mobile/media startup space.

Both Sides of the Table by Mark Suster: I came to know of Mark quite recently through Fred’s posts. I like his posts mainly because they cover all topics in a lot of depth. For example, he covered The Future of Television & The Digital Living Room in such great depth that it really strengthens one’s business understanding.

Ben Horowitz: His blogs are great to learn about people management at startups. Like Mark, he does a great job of covering topics with good depth.

Seeing Both Sides by Jeffrey Bussgang: I know Jeff from my b-school days and like him as a person. His blogs are great for VC specific topics and New England startup topics. He doesn’t write very frequently but his posts are well crafted and quite educative.

Above the Crowd by Bill Gurley: Bill is a legendary Silicon Valley VC. I heard him talk during my MBA Silicon Valley trek where he amazed me by the startup insights he shared. I have followed his blog since then and found it interesting. He writes quite infrequently but each post is very well thought it and highly opinionated.

Feld Thoughts by Brad Feld: He writes quite frequently and focuses more on sharing interesting news bites and startup advice. It’s a great blog if you want to hear about events and happenings in the startup world. He’s also one of my favorites because of two reasons. 1. He’s a sloanie 2. He’s the guy behind Startup Visa.

Some of the other startup blogs I follow less frequently are:
The Monster in Your Head by Jerry Colonna

And my favorite tech news blogs are the usual suspects:

If you think I should add some more to my reading list, please let me know in the comments below.

Enjoy reading these!

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