May 19, 2003

I think I will never forget this day, May 19th, 2003. In this economy, to get a job itself is a big get a good job is all the more difficult, but to get a DREAM JOB, is something most of us do not think of. The offer from Nokia Research Center is a DREAM JOB indeed. I am convinced, that its quite difficult to impress people as proficient as Dr. Ora Lassila, and to work side by side with him is an honor. Whenever I used to talk to Jari Malinen (Nokia Research with Dr. Charlie Perkins), I used to wonder that it must be feeling so great to work with a visionary like him and now that Deepu has got a chance, I am sure all of us will get to know how it feels.

Deepu, you have worked hard over your masters program and there cannot be a better end to this, than a job in NRC. More and more of these "seemingly impossible" feat that deepu accomplishes, I am made to believe that this girl is definitely born for a cause. For once I am at a loss of words. Heartiest Congratulations and you've made the impossible possble.

Its time to sit back and relish this moment. Enjoy the feat. I am proud of you.

Sovrin Bhai.

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